Spectrum Monitoring

Real-time analysis enables an entirely new way to capture and visualize fast transient RF signals versus a traditional swept spectrum analyzer.

Never Miss a Signal

當今的射頻設計利用快速變化和脈衝信號,這些信號難以在傳統掃頻頻譜分析儀上始終如一地被捕捉。 RIGOL RSA系列提供了領先的7.45微秒截獲機率,意味著任何持續時間大於7.45微秒的脈衝都將被捕獲並準確顯示。

Isolate & Capture

物聯網設備擴散意味著更多的流量排擠可用頻譜線,所以識別和隔離感興趣的信號至關重要。 RSA系列包括高級觸發功能,使得達成這項任務更加輕鬆。

Frequency Mask Trigger captures and displays data when the signal crosses inside or outside of the masked region allowing the engineer to focus on critical signals and ignore interfering ones.

Power Trigger allows the engineer to trigger and display only when a power level is exceeded within the real-time span.

Trigger Input & Output allow the engineer to time correlate RF events with other system elements to quickly find root cause of system problems.

IF Output recreates the real-time bandwidth on a 430 MHz carrier for further analysis.

Visualize & Analyze

複雜的調制和脈衝信號需要先進的可視化工具來識別模式和除錯設計。 RSA系列提供了7種即時可視化模式,可以查看信號的行為與功率,頻率和時間的關係。 6種標記,4種跡線類型和跡線數學能力使得工程師能夠快速地分析和理解整個跨度展頻的信號行為。

Explore Real-Time Display Modes

RSA 家族即時頻譜分析儀

All new Linux based platform enables engineers to quickly capture, identify and analyze complex RF Events

  • Category Leading Real-time Performance
  • Rich data displays
  • 進階觸發
  • Outstanding Swept Spectrum Performance
  • Complete Analysis Capability
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